All areas of need of the school should benefit from PTA contributions. A good/well equipped school is essential for the child to benefit from his education in the future, it is also a pride to the parent and a blessing to the teacher.

Parents must help in the training of their children so as to compliment the role played by the teachers to give the child a good qualitative education. In these difficult times, the parents need to redouble their efforts to ensure that their children receive at least the same quality of education as they did, if not better.

The PTA is as great pool of resources, no matter where the school is situated in the country, the schools should be officially and actively encouraged to inform the PTA and anyone else who can help to solve a problem. Unless one is first informed that a problem exists there can be no aid where there is no need.

Each PTA should note the education deficit in its school. All schools have in their PTA an impressive variety of experts in carpentry, painting, mechanical works, electrical installations and repairs, surely the time has come for a self help programme of monumental proportions.

The PTA may help in areas of building, water supply, sports, environmental hygiene, science and arts competition. The idea is not to interfere with school work or governmental control but rather to assist the teacher, school and government to provide the building bricks of education that is a safe, comfortable learning environment for our beloved children.

In recent times, PTA’s have done a good job so far in assisting in the education of their children. But there is still a lot that needs to be done as the task is herculean. Many PTA’s have traditionally concerned themselves mainly with issues having to do with extending classrooms and hostel blocks or building new ones, student discipline, fees etc.

Judging from the above, PTA’s can even do more, with great motivation, goodwill and judicious use of scarce funds in order to guarantee the best for their children’s education without encroaching on the rights and responsibilities of school authorities, duplicating the efforts of nongovernmental organizations. PTA’s will need to consult with other concerned bodies and school authorities to ensure that their is no class of interest.

The parents teachers association could also help in the extra lessons and the curriculum of the children. They could look into the issue of the children. They could look into the issue of extra coaching to guard against burdening students and teachers beyond what is physically possible.

Computers and their software can be bought or hired by the PTA to facilitate the development of computer literacy among the students.

Extra curricular activities such as sports and recreation ought to be encouraged and sustained, with the PTA making significant inputs in ideas, finance and most especially prices and incentives. School societies should be formed to foster these activities and should include the following; music, drama, boys scout, girls guide, table tennis court and a football pitch.

The PTA’s could support competitions (which should be organised) in science, mathematics, literature activities and debate, essay writing and other practicable subjects through prizes, parent patronage, attendance at venues and even active participation.

Inter-class, inter-house and inter-school competitions are vital to child development. The parents cannot expect the teacher to know everything very well, so parents who are experienced in the various fields can be patrons, advisers or supervisors of the different clubs in the schools.

PTA’s need to allocate funds for transportation to enable many students to participate in school activities.

Also PTA’s can assist in sponsoring teachers to attend conferences, seminars or workshops that is taking place in any part of the country. By sponsoring such workshops, the teacher will acquire more knowledge and skills to impact to the students.

Health care for students is a very important aspect of students welfare that deserves PTA’s attention. PTA’s could ensure that there are reasonable stocked school dispensaries manned by experienced and compassionate or retired nurse of at least senior staff nurse level. There should be well stocked first aid boxes, which should preferably be under the control of red cross members, unless it is otherwise directed by the authorities of the schools. Moreover, the PTA’s can go a step further in providing a sick bay where sick students can be kept and treated.

Finally, it would be good for staff morale if PTA’s looked into staff welfare and chipped in something like maintaining the staff room, staff training scheme for the staff and providing transportation for staff that are not resident in the school.

Updated: May 6, 2020 — 8:09 am

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