The Ever Increasing spiritual meltdown, craze and blaze among some students, parents, teachers to cheat in examinations are worrisome to us in the education sector in Nigeria.

More worrisome is the obvious facts that some parents, some ministry officials examination bodies and faceless educationists, teachers and principals believe in the project of aiding and abetting examination malpractices at all levels. The focus of cheating today is at the secondary school level of education, the base of technological, scientific and moral growth for any society in this digital world.

Succinctly, put, “Outside WAEC/NECO” is a code name for cheating in examination conducted by the West African Examinations Council, (WAEC) and National Examinations Council, (NECO) by students and aided to some degree by some parents, some officials of the state ministries of education, teachers and principals and the examination bodies, all thrown in one.

S/NO Names Of School Population

Js 1


Js 2


Js 3







1. Public School 200 180 250 150 140 45 44
2. Private School 50 50 45 60 60 300 300
3. Mission School 100 120 125 130 150 140 100

Let us use the data below to analyze the concept of Outside WAEC/NECO

From the above data, we could note critically and rationally that something is wrong with School B. Why has population jumped from 60 students in SS two to 300 students in SS three? For Outside WAEC/NECO project, cheating.

Wonders shall never end. School A is staffed with quality graduate teachers who want their students to learn and pass their examinations internally and externally according to the exam ethics, rules and regulations governing the exams. School B is a private school where WASSCE, SSCE teachers and few NCE teachers and graduates teach but with the proprietor, they are all ready to help the students to cheat in external examinations. The objective tests are solved by the teachers or hired teachers in WASSCE and SSCE exams.

Answers for practical tests are made knows to students while teachers write the worked answers on the black board.

For the theory exams, the BB is divided into four parts while the candidates are also divided equally. Each group copies as directed by the teachers or hired mercenaries, right, left, up and down.

When the results are released by the examination body the difference is clear and glaring. The lecturers in tertiary institutions know better – increase in cultism, poor result in Post UTME, low quality graduates who cheat in university examinations and are poor graduates.

WHO ARE INVOLVED? Some principals, faceless proprietors, indolent students, teachers, parents who dole out the money and want better grades for their sons, daughters and wards, some officials of the examination bodies and officials of state ministers of education do abet the Outside WAEC/NECO malpractices. The exam bodies are in good competition among themselves. In order to make profits, they don’t care about the malpractices and standards. Maximize profit!


The President and Governors must take proactive steps to curb this malaise or else we produce future maleducated Boko Harams nationwide who shall terrorize us more. Let us protect the Nigerian education certificates & degrees. The Nigerian certificates and degrees have less value in international educational arena and in job markets. No Nigerian university is rated among the first 500 universities in the world.

Students, parents, teachers, principals, proprietors of schools, ministries of education officials and their examination bodies must rethink and save Nigeria and the corruption in our education sector.

Parents in particular should stop supporting their indolent children from cheating by paying heavily for WASSCE and SSCE. The WASSCE or SSCE examination fee is about N7,500 each but some parents pay N60,000.00 for each exam in a miracle, wonderful or special Outside WAEC/NECO centres as alleged. This is corruption. It is stealing. It is against God and Nigeria to patronize Outside WAEC/NECO malpractices. Allow your child to pass his/her WASSCE/NECO examination unaided.

Updated: May 6, 2020 — 8:14 am

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