It is an established fact that any nation that toys with the future of her youths is finished. The former of Anambra State used to say that the youths we abuse today will take revenge on us tomorrow, any nation that worths her salt must ensure that the youths have strong foundations economically, socially, morally and educationally.

Firstly, the youths should be made to find education attractive and meaningful. To this end, government should evolve a sound educational system that will enable the youth to be self-reliant and able to survive in the present world of science and technology. The nation’s educational system should be tailored to meet the challenge of the modern world.

Government should therefore, ensure that education becomes free at all levels. Many young people cannot afford the expensive educational system in our country. Many of them pay through their nose to be educated. Even in our higher institutions, many student undergo the agonizing experience ‘sorting’ from unscrupulous lecturers to be able to pass. For the youths (the adults of tomorrow) to have a sound footing, education should be made cheap.

Today’s youths, sometimes, due to no fault of theirs are morally deprived. Many of the youths come from backgrounds that have questionable moral values. Our youths have hardly learnt meaningful moral values from their homes. The society has not helped them either, the society places wrong emphasis on achievement through short-cuts or cutting corners. Ostentatious life-styles are the order of the day. The youths become helpless and hopeless. They have no person to fall back to provide the needed sense of direction.

In order to make sure that our youths secure brighter future, the national assembly should make a law making education compulsory for the youths in primary and secondary schools.

Furthermore, only teachers with sound morals should be allowed to teach in our secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Teachers with sound moral principles can go a long way in providing a sense of direction for our straying youths.

Schools should stop paying lip-service to the teaching of moral instruction. Many teachers do not feel committed to teach moral lessons especially in government owned secondary schools. Many see the teaching moral of instruction as an additional burden to their work load. It is my conviction that teachers can still succeed where parents fail. Let the teachers show more commitment in the discharge of their duties to better the future of our youths.

The government and various religious group should work as a team to provide employment to millions of our hopeless youths in search of employment. They should provide employment – I mean gainful employments to our youths. This will minimize youth retiveness and other delinquencies associated with the youths.

Any nation that neglects the welfare of the youths is obviously a failed one. Such a nation cannot stand her ground among the comity of nations of the world. Our country should take positive steps now to secure the future of our youths. Our nation should shield our youths from the negative effects of computer and internet. Our youth have acquired contradictory and negative values from these sources. The youths should be educated on how to make use of these to achieve positive results.

Updated: May 7, 2020 — 10:26 am

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