What is juvenile? Juvenile simply means the young people who are not yet adults.

What is delinquency? This is bad or criminal behaviours usually of young people.

Then juvenile delinquency can be defined as the antisocial or criminal behaviours of children or adolescents, which may lead to child abuse.


  • High birth rate: A lecturer, in Alvan Ikoku College Of Education once stressed that “the commonest language a poor man can understand is procreation of children”. This is true because i have read of the highest number of children that was born to a mother which is 64 children! Some parents give birth to a vast number of children which they may not be able to cater for, thereby causing juvenile delinquency which leads to child abuse.
  • Early marriage: In our societies today, the youths get married at the age of 16 and even below, could you imagine that the youngest mother in the world is 12 years old, while the youngest father is a year old. This if permitted to always take place, must cause juvenile delinquency which must lead to child abuse.
  • Poverty: Like i pointed out earlier, that the commonest language a poor man can understand is procreation of children, if you are observant, you will discover that the rich men don’t give birth to many children but only the poor men do. Why? This is not because the rich ones cannot take care of their responsibilities but for comfort’s sake. The reason why poor men go into this venture is because they have a strong conviction that one of their children (mostly females) may get married to a wealthy man, who will help him in upbringing of others. It is a mere illusion. It is a lie and this can also lead to juvenile delinquency, and probably child abuse.


Juvenile delinquency has eaten deep into the growth and developing of Nigeria, which includes:

  • Increase in crime rate: In some families, because of the vast number of children, some have been lured into armed robbery in order to become rich overnight and in some cases, to help their parents to train the younger ones.
  • It leads people to emigration: This is a situation where people leave their own country and go to another country, either to work to reside there. Why? Their country is not favourable.
  • It leads to over crowding and environmental pollution: Overcrowding is when the total number of people is more than the available resources which lead to “survival of the fittest” (Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution), and probably to lettering of the environment because many people must need to perform many activities.
  • Poor housing and low infrastructure: This occurs because where there is overcrowding, the occupants would not be able to get decent accommodations. Even, the few available ones would not contain them or may not be okay for them.


There are many ways of controlling juvenile delinquency:

  1. Discouragement of early marriage
  2. Encouragement of monogamous marriage: that is one man marrying only one wife
  3. Provision of employment to men and women, so that they will earn enough money to carter for their children and ones still to come
  4. People should go for family planning to enable them, determine the number of children they would have and successfully cater for.

In conclusion, I am sure that the issue of Juvenile delinquency will stop, if we act on these ways of controlling it. May God bless you as you read this, and use it when necessary, in Jesus name, Amen.

Updated: May 6, 2020 — 8:06 am

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